Some Happy Clients...

My hour a week training with Willan keeps me on track. Recently i had a series of back problems. Starting with lower back going into my upper back due to 20 plus years as a solicitor sitting over my desk.. Willan was able to prescribe sequences of exercises to loosen and strenghten my back. I can finally get a good nights sleep.

- Mrs Elizabeth Parkinson, age 55, Mortlake

Willan has helped me hugely as my personal trainer. He has shown me techniques to gain strength and flexibility; helping me to getting back to fitness after an operation for a torn meniscus and getting me back to my ideal weight. As a yoga teacher i would highly recommend him.

- Mr Robert Newman,age 49, Acton.

I suffer from high blood pressure . Training with Willan by my side has enabled me to reduce my medication , and take on more positive towards my own welbeing. I still can’t believe he is much older then me.

- Corrie Staussi, age 38, Acton

Willan has been my Personal trainer for over 15 years. He has been very supportive of me.  During such times as when i broke my ankle he wasted no time getting me back on my feet; When my beloved mother passed away he showed compassion and sensitivity. When he goes away on his retreats he soucers the right trainer for me.. I have to admit he is the best!

- Susan Rivers, age 71, Acton


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