Fight Fitness

If you want a fighting fit body, boxing and kick-boxing is the training for you. This hour-long session is very intense. Your trainer will have the focus mitt and will teach you how to punch, elbow, knee, kick, bob and weave. This is a very high calorie burner form of exercise which is excellent for toning up your body without your being aware quite how hard you are working.

Justin Young, Executive writer of Holby City, came to us with a problem. He wanted to lose 10kg in three months in time for his wedding day. After consulting with him, we at WTY came up with a program specifically designed for him. Justin was interested in boxing, so we trained him as if he were preparing for a boxing match! Justin became fitter, developed the skills of a boxer and lost 11kg in time for his wedding. 

Fight Club

We also offer urban self-defence training. Your trainer will teach you how to block, parry, employ arm locks and which specific targets to aim for in any given situation. During this session you will be doing lots of drills to prepare you to react instinctively in possibly hostile situations. 


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